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Choosing a name for a baby is said to be one of the most important things that you can do for baby – yes it is that important. So (be careful|take care} when thinking of a name, and remember that you are choosing a name for a baby that will grow up to be an adult. The name that sounds cute for a little child may not suit a strapping six footer later in life!|It has been said that choosing a name for your baby is the most important thing you can do for him apart from actually giving him life. Yes, it's that important, so when choosing a boy's or girl's name please take a lot of care. And remember you are choosing a name for a baby that will grow up to be an adult! A name that seems to suit a cute baby may not be suitable for a 6'3? hunk in his twenties!|Deciding on a baby's name needs much thought. It is said that a name is one of the most important things you will give your baby (apart from life itself!). Don't just choose a name that suits that cuddly little baby, that child will grow up into an adult and the name needs to be acceptable in later life and not cause embarrassment or teasing.}

For some years the fashion has been to give baby an unusual or made-up name just to be different. But your child is already unique, there is no need to give him or her a unique name too. Your child won't thank you if he is teased because of his name. Celebs may get away with choosing baby names like �Apple' or �Moon', but these children probably won't be subjected to playground banter.

As an alternantive to a made-up name, some parents choose a traditional name but with different spelling. A friend of ours says only her husband and mother can spell her name correctly! Also, bear in mind that a name that has unusual spelling doesn't sound any different, so when teacher calls for Katey then Katie and Katy will also come running.

Take care, too, when choosing names that don't suit the last name. I once worked with a girl called Hazel Nutt. She had a good sense of humour and had the personality to brush off all the comments. Each time she met someone new they laughed at her name, but often I think rather than grinning, she was really clenching her teeth!

Try to choose a name that your child will be proud of in later life.

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